jesse mccartney

Jesse A. McCartney was born to Ginger and Scot McCartney. He is the oldest out of three children. He has a younger sister named Lea and younger brother named Timmy. He made his debut on TV as JR on "All My Children" (1970), but he has been pleasing audiences in Irvington, New York since he was 7. He toured nationally starring as Louis in the musical 'The King and I'. He has performed on and off broadway. He was part of the singing group, Sugar Beats, which was nominated for a Grammy. In 1999, he was picked from 500 other boys to be in a 5 member pop group called Dream Street and were signed to Edel Entertainment. Their album reached gold and toured with Britney Spears. In 2002, the group split due to a lawsuit suing the producers. Jesse lives in New York and is pursuing a solo singing career with Sugar Beats producer, Sherry Kondor. They have formed their own production company, Jump Ahead Productions. Jesse has released his EP and his single 'Beautiful Soul'. He performs with his band which consists of Dillon Kondor [lead guitarist], Katie Spencer [background vocals, keyboardist], Alex Russek [drummer], Pete Chema [bass guitarist], Sharisse Francisco [background vocals], and Karina LaGravinesse [background vocals]. They recently toured the east coast Jesse was cast as Bradin for the TV show 'Summerland' starring Lori Laughlin. He is now filming the 12 episode series in California which will air as a mid-season series.

Has a little sister, Lea, and a little brother, Timmy.

Is the youngest member of Dream Street.

Plays JV Baseball on his High School Baseball team

Parents are Scot & Ginger McCartney

Wishes to attend UCLA

Plays for his high school baseball team

Recently did a duet with Anne Hatheway, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart", which is featured on the Ella Enchanted soundtrack [2004]

Very close to his little brother, Timmy

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