kenny chesney

Kenny Chesney was born on March 26, 1968 in Knoxville, Tennesse. He grew
up in nearby Luttrell (home of Chet Atkins). As a child he listened to both country and rock n' roll. Surprisingly, unlike many other musicians, Chesney did not grow up thinking about music. It was not until he was attending college at East Tennessee State University that his focus zoomed into country music. While attending school, he received a guitar for a Christmas gift. Chesney practiced everyday and eventually joined a blue grass group composed of his fellow students. He then began writing
his own music and playing at local Mexican restaurants to earn tips. While at school, he made a self-titled demo album. The album sold over one thousand units.

After graduation in 1991, Chesney moved to Nashville (country music's capital). He became a regular at the honky-tonk bar, Turf, in the broken down historic district of the city. In 1992 he signed with Acuff-Rose. He then received a recording contract with Capricorn records. Chesney's debut album, In My Wildest dreams, was released in 1993. Unfortuantely, Capricorn Records did not focus on country music much, thus, In My Wildest Dreams, received no publicity. The album did sell, however, one
hundred thousand units. Chesney then went on to sign a contract with RCA's
subsidiary company, BNA. In 1995, Chesney released All I Need to Know. The single, 'Fall In Love, was a top ten hit.

In 1996, Me and You was released. This was Chesney's first album to go gold. The album contained the singles When I Close My Eyes and Me and You. Chesney then supported country rock legends, Alabama, on their tour of the United States. In 1997, I Will Stand, was released. The album contained Chesney's first number one hit entitled She's Got It All. I Will Stand also had the top ten single, That's Why I'm Here. In 1999, Chesney released Everywhere We Go. The album sold over two million copies. The singles You Had Me From Hello and How Forever Feels were both number one hits. Both What I Need to Do and She Thinks My tractors Sexy were top ten hits.

In 2000, Chesney released his Greatest Hits album. The album also contained two brand new songs: I Lost It and Don't Happen Twice. This was Chesney's second album to go double platinum. In 2002, Chesney released No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem. This was his biggest commercial success. The album, which is a bit more rock n' roll than country, contained the singles: The Good Stuff, Big Star, and Young. Chesney is known in the country music circuit as being a kind and hard working individual.

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