ozzy osbourne

John Micheal Osbourne was born December 3rd, 1948 in Birmingham, England. He got the nickname "Ozzy" by the influence of his last name. Ozzy had 5 siblings. His parents are Jack Osbourne and Lillian Osbourne, the family lived in a very small home, Ozzy spent his time with music, and stealing some times. Ozzy was bullied by Tony Iommi. Ozzy started a band, as well did Tony, and they kept being rival in rival bands against each other. Later on they became friends, and started a band together, along with Ozzy's friend, Terrance Butler, also known as "Geezer". Then they got drummer Bill Ward, and started Polka Turk, then Earth Blues Company,(Earth). Then to Black Sabbath. Ozzy got kicked out of Black Sabbath, for showing up late for practices, (if showing up at all), and when he did show up, he was usually drunk.

So he started his solo career.

23 year old, Randy Rhoads, who was with a band called "Quiet Riot", he recorded two albums with Quiet Riot, which were only released in Japan.

Ozzy Osbourne now is

Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
Randy Rhoads - guitar
Bob Daisley - bass
Lee Kerslake - drums

The band recorded "Blizzard Of Ozz", with a song dedicated to Rhoads' mother, the song being "Dee".

The band then recorded "Diary of a Madman", the album hit the top 15 on the US charts. At the same time, Black Sabbath released "Mob Rules" which hit number 29 on US charts. Ozzy's first two solo albums sold over 6 million copies.

Meanwhile on the next tour, Ozzy would throw meat on people in the crowd, they would come back and throw dead frogs, snakes, and cats, and meat. One time someone threw a dead bat, Ozzy picked it up (thinking it's fake) and bit the head off of it, he was rushed to hospital for rabies shots.

They stopped on a later tour, and Andrew Aycock invited Don Airey and Hake Duncan (tour manager) for a spin on his Beechcraft Bonanza airplane. They returned, and this time, Randy Rhoads and Rachael Youngblood (Ozzy's seamstress) They did not make it back however. The pilot was under influence of cocaine, it was alos assumed that he dove the plane into a bus in an attempt to kill his ex-wife, who was standing outside the bus.The plane clipped the tour bus and then careened into a nearby garage where it exploded. Youngblood and Rhoads were both killed in the crash. Others joined the band but the 1984 "Bark At The moon" album was recorded wiyh Jakey Lou Williams.

"The Ultimate Sin" album came out in 1986, he thought this was the poorest album he released, fans agreed.

On March 19th, 1987, they released "Randy Rhoad's Tribute".

In 1988, they released "No Rest For the Wicked", which featured Zakk Wylde on guitar, Randy Castillo on drums, and Bob Daisley on bass.

August 12/13th 1989, they played the Moscow Music Peace Festival.

In March 1990, Terrance Butler (Geezer)joined Ozzy to do a live album entitled, "Just Say Ozzy".

In 1991, Ozzy began a fresh battle with sobriety, Ozzy admits that the album "No More Tears" was the first he had done being sober.

Ozzy changed his life. becoming more healthy, he looked at life differently, it showed in his music and lifstyle.

Ozzy called the next tour "No More Tours" he said he wanted to spend time with his family, too much pressure and illness, he said this would be his final tour. The bassist has changed to Mike Inez. This tour was taped and used on the double album "Live And Loud"

November 15, 1992, Ozzy played Costa Mesa, California. He invited the members of Black Sabbath to play, and they did, the band performed; Black Sabbath, Fairies Wear Boots, Iron Man, and Paranoid. At the end of the show, a fireworks sparkler display went off and said "I'll Be Back".

1993, Ozzy officially retired, he spent time with his family, and bought them many things. Ozzy wanted the older life back though, so he put a new band together, and tour. The rumor of an upcoming album started, and it was rumored to be entitled "X-Ray".

The album would be called "Ozzmosis". Terrance Butler would play on the album, Zakk Wylde, and Steve Vai would both play guitar on the album, but on the final release, the record company arranged it so that only Zakk Wylde's guitar playing would make it on the album. The album was released on October 24, 1995. The Ozzmosis tour would be named "Retirement Sucks". Zakk Wylde was negotiating with playing with Ozzy and Guns 'n' Roses, Ozzy asked Zakk to tell him who he will play with, Zakk didn't return the phone call, so Ozzy got a new guitarist. Joe Holmes became the guitarist and was featured on the tour. Halfway into the tour, Terrance Butler left because he was homesick, so Mike Inez took his place.

Later, Ozzy and his wife Sharon started Ozz-Fest, he went to the studio after Ozz-Fest to release a "Greatest Hits" package, in 1997.

Ozz-Fest became very popular, and featured many bands in the summer of 1998.

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