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Samuel Timothy McGraw was born May 1, 1967, in Delhi, Louisiana, to Betty Smith (now Betty Trimble) and Tug McGraw. McGraw grew up thinking that trucker Horace Smith, his mother's husband at the time, was his biological father, but discovered who his real father was after finding his birth certificate.

Tim's mother admitted that he was actually the result of a summer romance with then minor league pitcher, Tug McGraw (who went on to play with the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies).

Raised in Start, Louisiana, a young Tim McGraw was raised with the sounds of country musicians like Charley Pride and Johnny Paycheck, and often took his musical skills to church and school plays. Although McGraw was inspired by music early on, he was also involved in little league and considered pursuing a professional baseball career, taking after his father.

But by the time he was studying at Northeast Louisiana University, he had a change of heart. He always had the voice, but after buying a guitar at a pawnshop, McGraw knew music was his calling. He dropped out of university in 1989 and headed to Music City, incidentally the same day his musical idol Keith Whitely died.

As with most aspiring country stars, McGraw's success in Nashville wasn't instantaneous. After playing gigs at Printers Alley clubs, he finally landed a contract with Curb Records, the label that released Tim McGraw's self-titled album in 1993 -- unfortunately, nobody noticed.

After gaining positive recognition with live performances (especially thanks to his rendition of Steve Miller's "The Joker"), McGraw and his audience were primed for a new release, 1994's single, "Indian Outlaw." The catchy tune with controversial lyrics made a chart-topper of McGraw, despite being banned from radio stations in several states.

On the strength of albums such as 1994's Not A Moment Too Soon and 1995's All I Want -- the latter which spawned the hit single "I Like It, I Love It" -- McGraw became a country music sensation. But it was while on the Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996 with Faith Hill as the opening act when sparks literally flew between Tim and Faith. The couple got married October 6 of that year.

In 1997, McGraw's Everywhere was released, spawning number one singles like "It's Your Love" (a duet with Faith Hill) and "Just To See You Smile." Everywhere was true to its name, as it crossed over to pop charts, garnered McGraw a slew of awards, and made a veritable star of the singer.

1999 saw the release of the multi-platinum selling A Place in the Sun, introducing the number one single "Please Remember Me" to audiences. McGraw's latest offering, 2001's Set This Circus Down, a year after the release of a Greatest Hits album, proved to be just as magical for McGraw, who is enjoying his reign as the most consistently successful male artist to emerge from country music, at least where overall chart success is concerned.

That's no surprise considering the heap of awards McGraw has stacked up, including at least six ACM Awards and two CMA awards; a Grammy for "Let's Make Love" (another duet with Faith Hill; do you notice a theme?); American Music Awards for Best Country Album for Set This Circus Down and for Favorite Male Country Artist (an honor he has claimed at numerous awards shows); a slew of Radio Music Awards and Billboard Awards; and being named Play..boy's Top Male Performer.

Tim McGraw's wife might have her share of male admirers, but the female audience the cowboy hat-toting singer claims is equally important -- he was even named "Sexiest Country Star" by People magazine, in 2000.

When he's not making women's knees tremble, picking up awards, or performing on tour, Tim McGraw dedicates himself to several organizations through fundraising concerts, like "Swampstock," aimed at raising money for hometown little league, the 2000 USS Cole Fund Benefit, to help the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society USS Cole Fund, and the 1999 "Bread and Water Tour," raising money for charities within selected communities. The latter occurred while touring on the George Strait Country Music Festival, which McGraw lists among the greatest highlights of his career.

Tim McGraw and fellow country/pop star Faith Hill (and wife of five years) reside just outside Nashville, with their three daughters, Gracie Katherine, Maggie Elizabeth, and the newest addition to the family, Audrey Caroline.

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